Thursday, 16 February 2012

The inspiration

This project is heavily based around the Bioloid robotic system from Robotis in Seoul, South Korea. I got my Bioloid Premium kit from RoboSavvy in the UK (excellent service by the way). Amongst other models, the Premium Kit can build a robot scorpion - video here. It looks like this:

It's a fun model and for a 18 servo limit (what the kit is supplied with) it's not too bad. However it could be so much better. My main gripes are:
  • Only 2 degrees of freedom per leg. This means the feet skid badly when it walks
  • Poor walking gait - just an inefficient tripod gait run at a frantic rate
  • The pincers are fixed into place - no moving arms
  • No remote control except for responding to clapping
The Pointless Robot will expand on this in many ways.

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