Tuesday, 13 March 2012

The Comms and Display board

The ATMega2561-based CM-510 has the limitation of only two serial ports. One is used for the Dynamixel bus, leaving only one other for Zigbee or PC comms. The Scorpion needs several serial ports:
  1. Spektrum DX7s remote control
  2. ĀµOLED-160-G1(GFX) OLED display
  3. PC logging
A separate Arduino Mega clone board is used to merge data from these three sources and route it to/from the CM-510's Zigbee/PC comms port. The Arduino board is connected to a home made (and slightly messy underneath) board with OLED display, superflux RGB LEDs and so on. More details to follow, but here are some early photos.

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